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The architect Fabrizio Capolei will take part as an “invited speaker” in the Panel Discussion: “THE SCENARIOS OF REGENERATION: The framing of ESG policies, to reconcile business needs, market demands, open functional programs and evolving demand” to be held during the Perspective Europe Forum, on the afternoon of Monday 17 October.

Founded in 2009, Perspective is a one-of-a-kind International Architecture and Interior Design Forum: a networking platform to meet, discuss and get up-to-date, gathering the entire Architectural Chain and involving the World of Design and Contract. A privileged and exclusive platform for new business relations as well as a key opportunity to understand and keep a step ahead of new entrepreneurial market trends.

Moderator of the Panel Discussion will be Eng. Luca Giannelli, CEO of United Consulting and esteemed professional.


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The president of the port authority of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea, Andrea Annunziata, visited the Molo Beverello construction site. The new terminal is taking shape and changing the waterfront of one of the most delicate points of the city of Naples, at the foot of Palazzo Reale and Maschio Angioino: a promenade on the sea, more than four meters high, which crosses the entire covered part of the new maritime station.

The concrete structure is outlining this new promenade on the sea, a platform of about 2,500 square meters which can be accessed through a staircase located near Mascalzone Latino, a second, central staircase, located at the entrance to the Parthenope University, and a third one near the square where the bars are currently located. After the prolonged stop due to the discovery of the finds and the modification of the project, now the works are moving forward.


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At the beginning of the Sixties, our country is immersed in the boom of the economic miracle and has already known the glories of the Dolce Vita. But 1965 is a truly unforgettable year for young Romans and beyond: on February 17 the Piper Club opens in Rome, a place created and designed to satisfy the desire for transgression and rebellion of the youth of the time.

In the docufilm “Piper Generation. Beat, shake & pop art in the Sixties” – broadcasted on Tuesday July 12 at 10.55 pm on Rai 5 and then on Raiplay – the exclusive testimonies of the protagonists who made the history of the fabulous Roman club: from Giancarlo Capolei of the Capolei Cavalli studio, the designer, accompanied by his son Fabrizio Capolei, to Roberto D’agostino and Mita Medici, from Marina Marfoglia to Tito Schipa Jr. and many others, but also the vintage films of the Teche Rai and the Istituto Luce, with historical images of Patty Pravo, Caterina Caselli, Renato Zero and even Mina and Totò performing at the Piper Club.

In that same club, in June 1965, the Beatles arrived in Italy for the first and only time, while music and fashions are finally changing and Rai broadcasts “Bandiera Gialla” on the radio with Arbore and Boncompagni. These are the years in which divorce is discussed, sex education in schools is proposed and there is talk of legalized abortion. At the Piper in Via Tagliamento, the girls arrive in miniskirts, with leather belts and hair with bangs, while the boys wear low-waisted corduroy trousers, pointed boots and hairstyles, which are inspired by those of the Beatles. The Piper becomes the heart of the so-called Italian Beat, the temple of youth “Ye’-Ye'”, staging all the ensembles of the time, giving them a stage where they can perform and compare with the boys. The Piper Club was the “Big Bang” of Italian “club culture”, becoming the starting point for youth entertainment from the mid-60s, remaining one of the longest-running clubs in Europe to this day.


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The project consists in the completion of the new public square already partially built and named after the great artist Gabriella Ferri, as part of the “Laurentino” Urban Recovery Program (Private Proposal No. 2) in the area of the XII Municipality of Rome. In the project signed by the Roman studio 3C + t, the large square (with a surface greater than that of Piazza del Popolo) is considered the flagship of the new Maximo commercial structure: it represents an ideal space for events and manifestations of various kinds. The completion of the square will be carried out on the roofing of the private car park for public use currently under construction, relating to the future realization of Section Z4 adjacent to the lot.

The square is bordered on one side by the Shopping Center and on the other side by management buildings, among which the new headquarters of the XII Municipality where all the activities currently scattered throughout the territory will be concentrated; as a whole it will be the focal point of the project and will contribute to making this place an urban level pole suitable for hosting events, exhibitions and concerts.

Once completed, the square will be characterized by two rectangular platforms or podiums raised of about one meter (+47.50) with a main diagonal cut, which ideally joins the two stair-lift cores coming from the underlying public car park and with some oblique openings that identify spaces equipped for resting and a fountain.

Along the perimeter of the two raised areas, partly paved and partly treated as a green “parterre”, runs a perimeter staircase in wood-effect stoneware with the dual purpose of raising the two main areas of the square and serving as informal seating for the users.

In the central area, between the two raised areas, a “tensile structure” with an ETFE coated fiberglass cover will be installed, supported by a painted metal structure, covering a space of about 25 x 55 meters that can be used for exhibition or recreational events.


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As part of “Communicating Architecture”, a cycle of web talks organized by THE PLAN and dedicated to the protagonists of THE PLAN Editions monographs, a meeting will be held on March 3, focusing on two design experiences in the capital, their relationship with the context and complexities related to the pandemic period: Maximo Shopping Center by 3C + t Capolei Cavalli and Via Colombo 80 by De Sanctis Costruzioni.

Maximo Shopping answers many questions about the role of commercial architectures. Through a story in images and texts, this architecture attentive to the themes of sustainability and sociality is proposed not only as a new place in the city, but as a “place” where to meet.

With Via Colombo 80, a symbolic building becomes a new point of reference in the Roman business community. A careful total renovation, described through the construction phases and the voices of the various protagonists, was successfully completed by De Sanctis Costruzioni, based on a project by PCMR.

In the web talk “Designing and building in Rome”, between 16:30 and 18:30 Fabrizio Capolei and Francesca De Sanctis will talk about the two projects, to which two monographs have been dedicated.


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It is with great satisfaction that we share the excellent feedback obtained last year from the films about the Capolei Cavalli studio’s work, produced in a fruitful collaboration with Isplora, a body approved by the National Council of Architects and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) which offers free courses for architects with one-hour-long architectural films valid for professional training credits.

In particular, with the film Through the project the path of the studio from its foundation to today was explored as part of the ArchiTALKS series, a new format by Isplora that creates actual dialogues with the contemporary protagonists of architecture, giving voice to architects so that they can talk about themselves and thus teach new practices and new ideas by sharing their experience.

The story of the Roman studio 3C+t Capolei Cavalli Architetti Associati starts through the voice of architect Giancarlo Capolei, founding partner, professor of Urban Planning at La Sapienza in Rome until 2005, then moving on to the firm’s journey, a transition between two generations that allowed to pass the baton from the ‘90s to today.

Then, the voices of the architects Fabrizio and Pierfrancesco Capolei guide the ArchiTALKS in the “turn of the century”, narrating the change in architecture and contemporary society, new requirements, needs and the new design approach towards the future. Between versatility and sartorial care, the vision of the firm fits cleverly into different contexts, from its Roman center of gravity to the conscious insertion within the international scene.

In 2021, the film was seen 1967 times with a peak between April and May, as can be seen from the following infographic.

Credits: Isplora


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The monograph dedicated to the MaXimo shopping center in Rome, edited by THE PLAN Art & Architecture Editions, specialized in the theme of commercial architecture and its value as a social space and place of aggregation, is available for purchase in paper or digital form (Gruppo Maggioli SpA).

The project stems from the desire to conceive a building that is not only a new place in the city, but “the place” where people from the neighboring areas can meet during the different hours of the day, regardless of age and social condition.

The intervention, which answers many of the questions we often ask ourselves about the role of commercial architectures on the edge of our cities, is described in the monograph through critical texts, interviews, technical insights and an accurate narration and detailed images.


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Port of Brindisi, chosen as professionals to draw up the new Port Regulatory Plan (1st classified).

The port of Brindisi will have a new Regulatory Plan: approved for the first time in 1975 and then renewed in 2006, today it shall represent, in the evolving context, the main strategic and planning tool for the port’s activities, also outlining the overall structure of the works of great infrastructures in the Brindisi port.

“We have formed a team of absolute excellence to design and plan the port of the future – comments the president of AdSPMAM Ugo Patroni Griffi -. With the precious support of Sogesid we have set up a group capable of giving substance to our vision of development and growth of the port of Brindisi, and of adequately addressing a complex and multidisciplinary subject. We must proceed swiftly. The main strategic and planning tool for a port’s activities, in fact, cannot refer to 1975, but must be in step with the times, in a context of continuous and rapid evolution and in absolute synchrony with the new environmental protection policies. We have focused a lot on the high professionalism of the team with a double objective: to carry out highly qualified and futuristic work, and, at the same time, to drastically reduce the crossing times, those dead times involved in bureaucratic and authorization procedures. A maze of passages which, according to the most recent estimates, accounts for 54.3% of the overall time required to complete the works “.


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The redevelopment of the historic “Palazzo della Famiglia Borghese” is underway.

Proud to be part of the group led by Patricia Urquiola, winner of the tender for the integrated design.

Sidief, the real estate company of the Bank of Italy, is starting a 30-million-redevelopment project to restore one of its properties in the historic center of Rome to its original residential function. The renovation project will be completed within three years, when the “Palazzo della Famiglia Borghese”, not to be confused with the sixteenth-century Palazzo Borghese, will celebrate its first 400 years (2025). “For the first time a historic building in the center of Rome is not transformed into a hotel but returns to the residence function it already had in the seventeenth century” observes the president of the real estate company Mario Breglia presenting the project. Cardinal Scipione Borghese used the property for his guests and servants.

Redevelop the important historic building and at the same time, enhancing the original residential function, contribute to the revitalization of an important portion of the historic Roman center.

The project provides for the enhancement of the entire complex, maintaining the predominantly residential use, with a complete redevelopment of the building envelope, from the facades, to the internal courtyard, to the common areas, compatibly with the needs of monumental protection. The interior spaces, including furnishings, will also be redesigned to return the residences to a high standard, in line with the market and respecting the historical footprint of the building. The residences will be intended for leasing, enriched by an offer of international standard services. The design “mood” will express a coherent stylistic vision oriented towards high quality solutions, characterized by a refined and discreet elegance, typical of the Palazzo, and at the same time by design elements typical of the “rental product”, oriented towards ease of management. The project also includes a strong focus on energy efficiency and respect for the environment.


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The guided tours of AREL – Associazione Real Estate Ladies, an all-female association geared towards the development of professionals working at the forefront and in positions of responsibility in the real estate market, have restarted. The first appointment of the ARELONSITE cycle took place on Tuesday 9 November 2021 and brought the associates to the Maximo Shopping Center in Via Laurentina for a guided tour aimed at learning about a real estate operation on urban regeneration in the South East sector of Rome. Accompanying them on the visit was the architect Fabrizio Capolei of 3C + t Capolei Cavalli Architetti Associati as designer and artistic director, together with Elisabetta Mapelli – Parsec 6 SpA, technical office manager and executive / construction design coordinator, Anna Momesso – Spazio Futuro, Retail Commercial Director and Alessandro Allegri – Cushman & Wakefield, Center Manager Maximo Shopping Center.