Giancarlo Capolei

Founding Partner

Born in Rome in 1933, Giancarlo Capolei obtained an architecture degree at La Sapienza University in Rome in 1960, and in the same year he registered with the Association of Professional Architects of Rome and its province. Later that year, he founded the studio 3C+t in Rome with his elder brother Arch. Francesco Capolei and with Arch. Manlio Cavalli.

He began his teaching career as a volunteer assistant at the Institute of Urban Planning of the Faculty of Architecture – La Sapienza University, headed by Prof. Plinio Marconi, later by Prof. Luigi Piccinato and then by Prof. Gabriele Scimemi.

Contract researcher, assistant in charge and then professor at the Institute of Urban Planning, he held, since 1990, the courses in Urbanism 1 and 2, Urban Planning and Analysis of Urban Systems.

He took part with the University in congresses, conferences and studies in the field of urban planning, and produced essays and publications. He was also a member and President of Graduation Commissions and a member of State Examination Commissions until 2000.

He performed his duties as President of the Association of Professional Architects of Rome and its province from 1992 to 1994. As President of the Association, he was a member of the Senate and Chamber Commission gathered for the drafting of the New Public Contract Code 1994, and was summoned for hearings and reports at the Senate of the Republic within the framework of Legislative Decree 468 of 26.7.94 (building amnesty) regarding the state of implementation of Law No. 47/85 and the situation it affected – Senate Committee on Environment.

He participated in national and international competitions and competitive bids, winning numerous.

He won the IN.ARCH DOMOSIC Award in 1965 for the realization of the Piper disco in Rome.

In the academic year 1963/64 he obtained the certificate of attendance for the Steel Construction Culture Course at the Faculty of Architecture of the La Sapienza University in Rome.

He held various positions: Consultant of the Ministry of Public Works, Urban Planning section (he examined some General Development Plans for the Lazio region); town planning consultant for the Public Works Superintendency of Molise; registered in the GESCAL, ISES, MIN. INTERNI, VV.F. registers; member of the Town Planning Commission of the Municipality of Tivoli; member of the Building Commission of the Municipality of Rome from 1992 to 1995; councilor of the Association of Professional Architects of Rome and president of the Specifications Commission; founder of ARCE (Organization of the European Capitals Associations) together with the Presidents of the Associations of Architects of Ile de France and Madrid; member of the AGIS Commission for the modification of the rules relating to the usability of public entertainment venues; board member of the 2nd University of Rome, appointed by the President of the Province of Rome from 1992 to 1994; member of the Lazio Region Urban Planning Technical Committee from 2001 to 2004; member of the Commission of experts chaired by Prof. Sabino Cassese to draft the new Consolidated Act on regional planning regulations – 2002.