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The architect Giancarlo Capolei will take part as “invited speaker” in the event: “The history of the Order of Architects of Rome”, a Focus on the history of the Order of Architects of Rome through the protagonists, from the former presidents to the preview of the new volume “50 Years of Profession”, soon to be published, with the story of their professional experience. The meeting will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday 14 June at the Casa dell’Architettura (Rome) as part of the celebrations for the centenary of the establishment of the profession of architect and engineer.

The day will begin with a meeting co-organized with the Order of Engineers of Rome – the professional category with which architects share 100 years of profession, pursuant to law 1395/1923 – dedicated to comparison with other professional categories: “The social role of professionals. The professions in comparison – The great shared themes”. At the opening, in the morning, the top management of Rome’s professional associations of numerous categories will participate, in dialogue with each other, including – in addition to architects and engineers – lawyers, accountants, surveyors, journalists, surgeons and dentists, industrial experts. The debate and exchange of ideas will develop around topics ranging from the opening of the market to young and talented professionals to fair compensation as a tool, not only to protect the dignity of professionals, but also and above all to guarantee quality of professional services, up to the presentation of good practices relating to the meeting of public administration and professions, and on the front of innovation (patents).