Paolo Romano Cavalli


Born in Rome in 1964, Paolo Romano Cavalli obtained an architecture degree at La Sapienza University in Rome in 1990 and enrolled in the Association of Architects, Landscape Planners and Conservators of Rome and its province in 1991.

Since 1991 he has been working in studio 3C+t Capolei Cavalli Architetti Associati, acquiring over the years a remarkable experience in the field of architectural design and in particular in the urban planning of parcels in agreement with local administrations.

He was among the founding members of the Architects of Rome Association’s Research Center CE.S.ARCH in 1991, a non-profit association that deals with the promotion and enhancement of the architecture knowledge and the figure of the architect through training and professional updating, studies and research, comparison and spreading.

He has participated with 3C+t in several national and international design competitions, winning some of them. Over the years he has dealt with numerous residential and tertiary buildings projects, both as new constructions and renovations, as well as urban planning and regeneration, often following the bureaucratic process of the projects before the various public administrations.

He has a documented experience in the different design phases, from concept to construction, as well as in the building phase as Project Manager, working in full synergy with the systems and structures specialists.

Among the works that he supervised, several works of a commercial nature stand out, such as the Carrefour Laurentina, Panorama Tiburtina and Panorama Boccea hypermarkets, or the shopping centers Salario Center and Maximo Shopping Center. There are also many office buildings, including the Headquarters of Ferservizi, CMB, CE.T.O.C. Centro Tecnico Omologazioni e Consulenze Srl, GCF Grandi Costruzioni Ferroviarie S.p.A. and the offices included in the intervention within the Plan for the Redevelopment of the Ostiense Station Area.

In the last years he has enriched his skills by participating in numerous training courses through the Architects of Rome Association.