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On 16 June 2023, the usability of shopping centers was also discussed at the Area M association in Rome. The architect Fabrizio Capolei, partner of our firm, spoke about the accessibility problems.

In recent years, the usability of shopping centers has become a crucial aspect for attracting and retaining customers. Shopping centers that can provide an accessible, convenient and enjoyable environment for all visitors are more likely to succeed in today’s market.The usability of shopping centers refers to the ease with which people can access, use and benefit from such facilities. This concept involves several aspects, including physical accessibility, service offering, overall user experience and inclusiveness. Shopping centers have always played an important role in everyday life, offering a wide variety of services and products under one roof. However, in recent years, the usability of shopping centers has become a crucial issue, as society has evolved and consumer needs have changed. Physical accessibility:
The usability of shopping centers depends on their geographical location and access to public transport. It is important that shopping centers are located in areas easily reachable by the target population, with good road connections and adequate public transport services. The presence of adequate parking, public transport services and pedestrian infrastructure are key factors in ensuring easy access to a shopping centre.

Good design and an intuitive layout can significantly improve the visitor experience of a shopping mall. The layout of stores, accessibility to elevators or escalators, as well as clear and understandable signage can facilitate navigation within the shopping center, making it more usable for people of different ages and abilities. The usability of shopping centers is a critical element in meeting the needs and expectations of visitors. A multidimensional analysis that considers accessibility, design and layout, variety and quality of offer, customer experience and environmental sustainability can provide valuable information for improving the overall usability of a shopping centre. The ultimate goal is to create welcoming, accessible and sustainable spaces that offer an enjoyable and satisfying experience to visitors. The usability of shopping centers also depends on the overall experience offered to visitors. This includes a logical layout of spaces, clear signage, accessible parking, rest areas and adequate services. Additionally, the overall atmosphere of the mall, including elements such as lighting, furnishings, cleanliness, and the feeling of safety, contribute to the user experience.