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The redevelopment of the historic “Palazzo della Famiglia Borghese” is underway.

Proud to be part of the group led by Patricia Urquiola, winner of the tender for the integrated design.

Sidief, the real estate company of the Bank of Italy, is starting a 30-million-redevelopment project to restore one of its properties in the historic center of Rome to its original residential function. The renovation project will be completed within three years, when the “Palazzo della Famiglia Borghese”, not to be confused with the sixteenth-century Palazzo Borghese, will celebrate its first 400 years (2025). “For the first time a historic building in the center of Rome is not transformed into a hotel but returns to the residence function it already had in the seventeenth century” observes the president of the real estate company Mario Breglia presenting the project. Cardinal Scipione Borghese used the property for his guests and servants.

Redevelop the important historic building and at the same time, enhancing the original residential function, contribute to the revitalization of an important portion of the historic Roman center.

The project provides for the enhancement of the entire complex, maintaining the predominantly residential use, with a complete redevelopment of the building envelope, from the facades, to the internal courtyard, to the common areas, compatibly with the needs of monumental protection. The interior spaces, including furnishings, will also be redesigned to return the residences to a high standard, in line with the market and respecting the historical footprint of the building. The residences will be intended for leasing, enriched by an offer of international standard services. The design “mood” will express a coherent stylistic vision oriented towards high quality solutions, characterized by a refined and discreet elegance, typical of the Palazzo, and at the same time by design elements typical of the “rental product”, oriented towards ease of management. The project also includes a strong focus on energy efficiency and respect for the environment.