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The intervention is part of the “Corviale” Urban Recovery Program, for the implementation of which it was ratified with D.G.R. Lazio n ° 577 of 16/11/2005 a specific Agreement (“Accordo di Programma”), and it was approved by the “Conferenza dei Servizi” which ended in July. The project area, of ​​approximately 8,250 square meters, is wedged into the existing building fabric, overlooking the Roman countryside. A remarkably inhomogeneous fabric, characterized by the coexistence of the Corviale building (the famous “serpentone”) South of the project site, and a recently built residential area, consisting of 4-5 storey buildings on the North side, on Via Eugenio Maccagnani. The East edge is defined by Via di Poggio Verde, while the West one borders for a large stretch with the Torretta de’ Massimi Nature Reserve.

The outcome of the participatory process and the debate with the Municipality have identified some criteria that have guided the design, including:

  • the creation of a square conceived as an aggregation space for the neighborhood, with large free and “flexible” areas, suitable to host events and activities of different nature related to the life of the neighborhood itself;
  • the definition of a physical “boundary” characterizing the square and somehow delimiting it;
  • the creation on the square of areas and paths partially sheltered and shaded that can be used in all climatic conditions by people of all ages;
  • the creation of a compositional link between the square and the surrounding urban context, in particular with the looming presence, even symbolic, of the “serpentone”.