Client: Modimar S.p.A.
Location: Marina di San Vincenzo, Italy
Area: 11.6 ha site surface | 12,600 sqm project surface
Project Year: 2006 – 2009
Program: new marina with yacht club and commercial facilities
Tasks: Developed Design, Technical Design
Credits: Photo © 3C+t Capolei Cavalli Architetti Associati

The coastal town of S.Vincenzo is located along a north-south coastline in central Tuscany, fed by the sediment supply of the river Cecina and quite crowded in summer. This supply has reduced a lot in the recent past thus inducing a strong beach retreat and consequent protection works (1980): the 250 m long detached breakwater has been also used to shelter a small craft fleet and an additional breakwater was later built seaward of it to anticipate wave breaking and reduce wave transmission. The little harbour was so popular that the regional port masterplan promoted a suitable extension to accomodate up to 520 boats. The external port layout was developed from the existing works configuration by smoothly connecting the outer detached breakwater to the northern beach as to favour the alongshore sediment transport (less than 10,000 m3/year) and partly deflect it offshore by means of a submerged groyne connected to the main breakwater bend and by a deflected head portion.
The curvilinear rubble mound breakwater, founded on a sandy seabed, has a low crest without crownwall reaching an elevation corresponding to the local water depth (-3.5 and -4.0 m MSL) in order to reduce the visual impact; no berths are then provided along the rear side due to potential dangerous overtopping. Parallel cross-shore floating piers (equipped with fingers) ensure safe berthing for some 350 yachts, while the largest of them (25 m long) are accomodated inside a rectangular semiclosed basin located near the entrance and the fuelling dock. The repair yard is located at the far end (north) of the harbour basin. Flushing of the harbour basin in the microtidal area is enhanced by three ducts through the main breakwater. The internal wet perimeter is bordered by wave absorbing quaywalls made with decks on piles over a rubble slope.
Special attention has been devoted to the urbanistic and architectonic design of the town waterfront bordering the harbour, as to provide a public promenade without affecting the privacy of the boat owners. Car parkings are covered under the relatively high (+4.0 m MSL) coastal road. Two new squares for the local citizens are created at the two ends of the harbour with suitable green areas.