Client: Boccadarno Porto di Pisa S.p.A.
Location: Marina di Pisa, Italy
Area: 23 ha site surface | 51,500 sqm project surface
Project Year: 2004 – 2013
Program: new marina with hospitality and commercial facilities
Tasks: Urban Plan, Concept Design, Developed Design, Technical Design, Design Supervision, Supervision of Construction
Credits: Photo © Giorgio Biserni, © 3C+t Capolei Cavalli Architetti Associati

The project was born as the transformation of an area located at the mouth of the Arno river, occupied by an industrial complex of the former Motofides, abandoned since 1988, and some adjacent areas bordered by the Arno estuary, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the urban center of Marina di Pisa. The project aims to create a new place in the city, to which the site is closely connected, but finding points of contact with the surrounding territory, characterized by the presence of the Parks of San Rossore and Massaciuccoli. A ‘green harbour’, that recalls the geometric design of the buildings and the road axes of Marina di Pisa, reinterpreting them through green elements that mark the directions and dimensions of this new urban area. The buildings apparently refute this rigidity, moving freely but respectful of the local heights and morphologies. The paths and squares are designed to encourage the meeting of people, natural and artificial elements, but above all to minimize the use of cars or reduce their visibility as much as possible.
The project integrates to the port, sized on 344 berths, a mix of compatible functions: residential, hospitality, commercial and services that are complementary to the marina infrastructure. The continuity of the pedestrian seafront is restored through the construction of a promenade at varying heights along the left bank of the Arno river.