Client: Acque Albule S.p.A.
Location: Tivoli Terme, Italy
Area: 7,000 sqm project surface
Project Year: 2006
Program: thermal baths complex
Tasks: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Construction supervision
Credits: Photo © 3C+t Capolei Cavalli Architetti Associati

In order to enhance the thermal complex and the entire cultural heritage of the town hosting it in national and international terms, the client has not only enriched and modernized the existing thermal baths, active since the mid-nineteenth century, but also wanted to change completely the structure look, transforming it into a wellness center with a medical, but also tourist and congress vocation, capable of offering wellness services throughout the year. And so, alongside the traditional spa, equipped with over 200 stations for the treatment of respiratory diseases and about 50 for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, for massage and mud therapy, the structure offers the public a part aimed at leisure, with spaces for restaurants, a gym – wellness center, hydrotherapy pools and outdoor and indoor swimming pools, with running thermal water and located inside the park. The project involves the recovery of the early-twentieth-century portico, and a new building that interprets the Roman traditional use of travertine in a contemporary way. The building has a material facade on via Tiburtina, that dialogues with the urban context and the historical portico, while the internal side is characterized by a large window, marked by vertical adjustable sunscreens, to enhance the continuity between the interiors and the outside of the building. The project is characterized by the use of quality materials, the chromatic choice that recalls the color of the ‘acque albule’, and the adherence to the most current bioclimatic architecture criteria.