Client: Proger s.p.a. for IBB Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality & Istpark
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Area: 61 ha site surface | 13,000 sqm project surface
Project Year: 2016 – 2018
Program: new marina with technical facilities, retail, offices, and a yacht club
Tasks: Concept Design, Developed Design, Technical Design, Design Supervision
Credits: Images © 3C+t Capolei Cavalli Architetti Associati

The project site is located in Maltepe, a district in the suburbs of Istanbul between Kadıköy and Kartal, on the Marmara sea, in the Asian side of the city. The Marina is located near Maltepe Sahil Parkı – a 101 ha park – and will integrate in the existing linear park running all along the coast, between the shoreline and Turgut Özal Blv.
The Marina layout is characterized by a semi-circular breakwater enclosing a single mooring basin, hosting nearly 1000 boats from 10m to 50m. A central pier separates the internal basin into two large mooring areas, while a second, smaller one nearby the marina entrance circumscribes the outer harbour area, overlooking the technical area and the fuelling facilities.
The Marina level (+1.50) is connected to the city park (+3.50) with a system of squares, gardens, ramps and stairs, leading to the commercial area and the major public spaces. The functions provided in the Marina are available both for the boat owners and the public, and easily accessible from the city, but also close to the sea.
The Design aims to maintain the green areas continuity and let them enter the Marina, to be then intended as part of the existing landscape system – with flowerbeds and rows of trees running up to the piers, green terraces ‘floating’ on the water and gardens enclosing the main project buildings. The marina is designed so as not to impede the view of the sea, working on the existing height difference between the waterfront promenade and the port. The internal service road network and parking lots are located along the coast, but at a lower height, so as not to be visible from the people walking along the waterfront promenade, who will continue to see the landscape and the sea.
The Administration Building is located in a central position, easily reachable from every part of the marina, ensuring the control of the entire basin. The commercial area faces the city towards north, the Marina inner basin towards south and the sea towards east. The wood cladded commercial buildings are designed as pavilions, recalling old Istanbul traditional houses. Restaurants, cafes and bazaars are settled along the green area perimeter, and in part on ‘floating’ platforms inside the Marina basin. The breakwater area is reserved for boat owners; the Yacht Club, surrounded by gardens, occupies the first portion of this area, facing the basin. Along the breakwater are then located the car parks, the yachtsmen’s depots, the covered garages and the toilets; at the end of the pier the Control Tower is positioned, so as to have a complete view of the harbour basin and of the sea facing the boats entrance.
Other car parks, yachtsmen’s depots, covered garages and toilets are placed along the service road, parallel to the existing coastline.
The Marina has no. 2 vehicular accesses: a first one, in the northern part, to be used by the boat owners and for the service cars to and from the commercial areas; a second one, in the southern part of the Marina, permitting a quick and easy access to the Dry dock area. The Northern car entrance is also accessible from an existing public parking lot located along Ziya Gokalp Cd.
The technical area is dimensioned to respond to the needs of the Marina, and the exhibitions zone could be used – when necessary – as an extension of the dry dock area. A heliport is located at the point of connection between the semicircular breakwater and the Commercial Area. The Dry dock area – dimensioned on the basis of the Marina needs, and provided with a travel lift basin and a slipway ramp – is located in the southern part of the Marina, clearly separated from the mooring area but close to a large exhibition area.