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Entrance Road:
Since from the entrance road we would like to intrigue guests with a special green avenue , giving the idea to enter in a roman villa park.
The entrance road design propose to transform the existing street in a tree lined avenue; the trees that will be used are:
Schinus molle ,Jacaranda Mimosifolia, and Quercus robur.
To focalize the point of view, incoming to the hotel, we are proposing to plant a big Oak tree in the middle of the road (that of course will be shared in two different lines) just inside the Welcome Plaza site; other 2 oaks trees will be plant, one in the middle of the roundabout and the other at the entrance of the wedding path.

Instead of the parking area beside the building A1 and the building B, along the income road, we designed a Welcome Plaza; two semi
circular spaces divided by the access road, but ideally joined by the oak tree and a stone paved path. The 2 semicircular sites are underlined with a continuous stone seats, and stone columns. Along the buildings there are 2 water pools fountains; in the B building site we design a spherical fountain, in the A building side a flower box with colored plants and flowers. We propose paving stone and stone curbs.

Coming inside the Main Lobby you are immediately captured by a stunning first impression of timeless Italian lifestyle.
The different areas of the principal hall are furnished with a strong remind to Italian design of the last few decade translate for the best use in any specific moment. Following the curved shapes of the building sitting solution are never square as well for coffee table or bookcases , to give always the impression of nice circulation inside the space but at the same time of a relaxing living where to stay.
The Main Lobby design’s proposal is to:
– give a WOW first impression to the clients
– join the existing different spaces of the hall (building A1 and A2)
-create a dynamic and fluid space through the different areas of the building.

We will have two different restaurants ,one more casual with easy entrance for lunch and dinner, the other is an “A la carte restaurant”
completely different, with special menu and indoor and outdoor spaces for Spring/Summer time …. soft lights plus value all the plates in
a warm cool atmosphere .
The internal configuration for the restaurant can allow 250 seats in the main room, the “A la Carte “ Restaurant 50 seats; the double height central circular space is designed as a lobby/waiting area, surrounded by a timber frame that also work as a visual and acoustic shield for the restaurant area (wood and glazing system).
The Bars : the ground floor bar is focus on day ,open ,comfortable and more easy going ; the other one, that we propose at the restaurant floor, between the circular Lobby and the Multipurpose rooms, is for evening, focus on cocktail in a darker situation to enjoy the atmosphere of the night.

We propose a new design for the Conference Center, demolishing same existing partition walls (the ones without columns or electrical and air fixtures), the wardrobe and meeting room walls obtaining a very large and flexible area that can be used for events or banquets or can be divided in several rooms and different sections, depending of the needs, using motion operable partitions and sliding doors; we will keep the existing ceiling and all the technical fixtures but will provide a new and more modern lightning system.
We propose a new wood cladding finishing ovoid shapes design for the welcome desk office, the wardrobe and the kitchen support area ; those “objects” will architectonical characterize the conference area.
In our design we keep a kitchen support and preparation room inside the conference area directly connected with the service corridor and the kitchen.
The solution that we propose is flexible and permits to use the conference area in several configurations depending of the needs.