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Marina di Dalaman, Turchia_ Concorso Internazionale-1° premio

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D-Marin Dalaman Marina; that has 675 mooring and 500 ashore capacity for the yachts between 10 – 60 mt and whose licence procedure still continues; will be in service at the end of 2015. After the last licences are approved, construction will start and will last a short time like 2 years. With the big tonaged travel lift pier which is within plans, D-marin will take another important step for the service to mega yachts whose demand is increasing nowadays. Dalaman Marina will be an important living quarter together with serving high quality to Turkish and foreign boat owners with it’s style of architecture and technical hardware. With the assistance of our other marina experiences, in Dalaman Marina all the details of yacht owners’ needs and high quality standarts are thought of. As a centre of attraction, Dalaman Marina, will cover a significant part of this shortage of the area and will make a contrıbution to colour the life in the region with it’s services to yacht owners and social facilities. The marina will create advantage to it’s users due to it’s walking distance to Dalaman airport and it’s nearby location to the most beautiful bays of Mediterranean and to most important tourism centers. Dalaman Marina has passed very strict controls in terms of environment protection. Because of this, the marina will be extremely environment friendly. Precautions to protect nature will be taken during it’s construction and operation. For instance; the present shoreline will not be touched, but the marshland will be carved out. Just like our other marinas, every effort will be made to comply with the requirements and terms of international competency documents.

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